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Customer Testimonial
"Hi: Can't thank you enough for having a great product. I am always cold in the Winter. Sometimes takes me an hour to fall asleep but I am cold. This has been a Godsend. Fall asleep right away and sleep all night long; I wake up well rested. Thank you again."

JR: Massachusetts"

Sleep Like You Never Slept Before and Save Money While Doing it!

ElectroWarmth® heated mattress pads radiate heat from below inducing deep restful sleep while relaxing tired back and legs. This helps ease stiffness and soreness and allows you to wake up feeling rested and revitalized. Unlike many other heated mattress pads, ElectroWarmth® products are time tested and proven to be safe and comfortable. No more wrestling with an electric blanket that keeps sliding off. No more laundry worries. ElectroWarmth®is held securely on the mattress under the sheet where it is protected from soil and wear. Rarely needed but machine washable when necessary. Many units are still out there working even after thirty years of continuous use.

By using your ElectroWarmth® heated mattress pad you can turn down your thermostat setting and save. Your heated mattress pad keeps you warm while you sleep. You will also sleep better in a cooler house. Turning your thermostat down 6 degrees at night will save you 15% of your heating bill according to NOAA's Environmental Data Service. If your heating bill is $1,000 annually you more than pay for your heated mattress pad the first year.

Benefits of ElectroWarmth Heated Mattress Pad

  • Radiant heat from below relaxes tired back and legs, induces deep, restful sleep all night. Awake revitalized.
  • Save energy cost turn down your home thermostat which pays for the heated mattress pad over and over again.
  • One half the electricity over the electric blanket.
  • Sleep better in a cool room with warmth from your heated mattress pad.
  • Pre-warms bed. Drives out dampness.
  • Dual control units eliminate the pile of blankets between two people, one person is always piling them on and the other throwing them off.
  • Full one year warranty with service available after one year.
  • Time Tested. Made since 1939. Many improvements since then but the original "on the mattress" principle has been well proven. Highest quality construction for durability.
  • On guard, year round. When you get cool while sleeping under just a sheet, reach over and turn on the heated mattress pad.
  • Convenient. On the mattress, it's out of sight, out of the way until needed.
  • They make great Christmas, birthday and anniversary presents.

" Doctor Recommended"

Doctors agree that to get well, and stay well, older people in particular need plenty of rest. Doctors also agree that for many people, becoming chilled while sleeping can be a potential health hazard. When you are in a hospital you are generally kept in a warm, dry bed, on a 24 hour basis. The doctor will prescribe a course of treatment, and the treatment will generally include warm bed rest. You can also enjoy this warm bed rest at home if your bed is equipped with an ElectroWarmth® heated mattress pad.

People who are most likely to follow their doctor's advice about taking medicine and keeping warm often become chilled while sleeping due to changes in room temperature and excessive loss of body heat because the bedding has become damp. If the bedroom air is always dry and warm, and the bedding is changed everyday, as is done in the hospital, the chances of becoming chilled are slight. In the private home where the bedroom often cools off at night, and where the bedding is not changed daily, an ElectroWarmth® heated mattress pad is needed for three important reasons:

  1. To drive the dampness from the bedding which builds from the normal nightly perspiration of about one pint per person. The heated mattress pad's heat drives the moisture to the surface of the bedding where it can evaporate into the bedroom air.
  2. A large heating capacity is often needed to maintain full body warmth and comfort in very cold weather, or for quick warm up if one goes to bed already feeling chilled. When it gets really cold, no other bed warming appliance for home use can put heat in the bed as fast as an ElectroWarmth® heated mattress pad.
  3. The ElectroWarmth® heated mattress pad, which goes directly on the mattress, provides year round protection from becoming chilled while you sleep. Many electric blankets are fully automatic, but their usefulness is quite limited because they are too heavy (double blankets with wire inside) for mild weather use. It is during the spring, fall, and summer, when the weather is changeable, that you may retire under only a sheet and awaken with a sneeze.

Doctors recommend ElectroWarmth® heated mattress pads because they dry the bedding and protect the user from becoming chilled at night, on a year-round basis. If you have health problems, by all means see your doctor. If he cautions you about getting chilled, ask him about the use of an ElectroWarmth® heated mattress pad.

Customer Testimonial
"I tried it for the first time last night. Excellent! I love it. I woke up this cold, rainy morning and was not stiff or achy at all. Please feel free to use this endorsement. Thank you so much."

LJB: Maryland"

The Wall Street Journal

For perfect sleeping, some say, you need heat on the bottom. Electric bed warmers generate strong sales, warm praise by customers. By Philip Revzin, Staff reporter of The Wall Street Journal. For anyone who thinks the sleeper's millennium arrived with the invention of the electric blanket, some folks out here have news: The real millennium arrives, they say, when you discover the heated mattress pad.

These bed warmers, you may be relieved to learn, aren't the cast-iron-and-hot-coals antiques that toasted (and sometimes roasted) 19th century tootsies. They are spiffy electrical gadgets that resemble electric blankets. They differ from electric blankets mainly in that bed warmers go under sleepers, while electric blankets go over sleepers.

That difference is crucial, devotees of warmed bottoms say. Why? The reason as presented by the General Motors of the heated mattress pad industry, ElectroWarmth®:

Since heat rises, the heated mattress pad applies more heat, more evenly, to the sleeper because it is under him. Less heat is dissipated into the air, because the heat also is trapped by a light blanket over the sleeper. Thus the heated mattress pad needs substantially less than half the electricity used by an electric blanket.

Customer Testimonial
"Hi, Just thought you'd like to know your bed warmer is a big hit! I purchased it for my wife, because I don't like to have heat in our bedroom (better for sleeping) but it's tough getting into an ice cold bed. She love's your bed warmer. Now when she gets into bed, her words are 'this is living!"

DC: New York"

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